The Ferolunds

[Ramshackle; Shanty Town; Tribal; Desperate; Open fires; Open Markets]

The Ferolunds is the fluxuating territory directly outside Spheld. The natural mini-mountains don’t shield this area completely, forcing the citizens to fight off encroachers and predators on it’s east and west boarders with little resources. It is this fact that causes The Ferolunds boarders to contract and expand as the citizens lose and gain territory back from outsiders and threats.


Spheld – 15 years ago, when the mini-mountains were formed and the Dungeons became revealed, many ran from their homeland, many from Spheld given it had the highest density of people of the territories. After 10 years and the return of prosperity to the territories in the form of adventurers, many of the self-exiled returned to claim a piece for themselves. However, Spheld leadership held it in deep distain that it’s people would abandon them in their hour of need, thus their citizenships were canceled. Few having the means to pay for the Spheld Gate to be opened, most did their best to survive outside it’s walls. After a year of a nomadic lifestyle, one man brought to them a gate stone from the Dungeon. They used it to establish their own gate directly outside Spheld‘s. While the cost is significantly cheaper than Spheld’s, the Sphelderians took it personally that these retches would cut into their profits and prosperity.

Camdala – The Camdalan belief that everyone should embrace their true selves and that Fate is unavoidable led them to admire the plight of the Ferolunders. They fought ceaselessly, furiously and with the vigor of those that are determined to live. To the Camdalans, they were a community in it’s youthful rebellion stage and, if nurtured, would grow into a great civilization in it’s own right. They regularly bring medical supplies, farming supplies and food on occasion in exchange for donations to it’s many churches. The Ferolunders note to which god they are providing alms and the “trade” is complete until next month. They are seen by the Ferolunders as a mysterious and giving people. Many wish to see Camdala themselves, but given how secretive they are, it rarely happens.

Velt – It is the opinion of the Veltion people (that is, the Veltion Inspired) that the Ferolunders very presence in that poorly protected province attracts enemies that all of the territories must be concerned about. It is the opinion of the Ferolund populous that Velt should go die in a fire. Many technologies and magics are created in Velt that could ease the plight of the Ferolunders, but they share none of it, hoping they will be killed off swiftly before more dangerous foes get wind.

Upheria – While Upheria does little trade with the other territories due to it’s abundance of adventurers, occasionally they will broker deals with people taking a break as mercenaries for various things. When the borders of the Ferolunds becomes weak, a large portion of their funds go to Upheria to hire adventurers to help fight off their foe of the month.

The Ferolunds

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