The war has taken everything from me…

My name you ask? The name is Zionus, and I’m here to tell you a little about what has transpired in my life. I come from a land called Felwir, where sub-societies mean everything. I’m a part of the sub-society Zi… Or was a part of it anyway… In the Zi sub-society, In order to be someone, you must have a name that begins with the letter “Z.” If you happen to be here, and do something magnificent, a name is given to you, which you can use as a middle name or something to get you in the front gate. A name that starts with the letter Z is sacred here, its the biggest honor medal one can have.

10 years ago, the surrounding sub-societies Raksus, and Sardenala started to become envious about the greatness of Zi. The War of Rakem took place shortly after, in which I totally decimated the opposition. After this war, I was given the title “The Great.” The land became peaceful for the next 5 years. No battle, no murders, no violent competitions were carried on, until one day, a Sardenalian decided to burn down a library. No one was able to save the two kids that were trapped in the fiery building. Just as we thought that all hope was lost, a brave wolf stepped in and saved the kids from burning to death. The wolf, now named Ziong, is my companion. He is the only living thing that I have ever had a bond with. The next year, I was forced to leave the society because of my lack of focus.. I was more about my studies of far away civilizations and history, that I happened to forget about saving our society. 3 years later, I recieve an invite from the King of Zi, which happens to be my father, to join the Imperial Army. I was given permission to join my people in the War of Zinos.

The war lasted 10 days. Most of the time, I was held prisoner by the Sardenalian Army. After escaping the Sardenalian execution facility by force, I return to Zi, where much to my dismay; was left in ruins. 10 days ago, this place was a safehaven. Filled with life, people, water, now all that remain is death and dust. What’s going on? One being, formerly known as Zineus told me in his last words that 3 still remain: me, my wolf companion, and a young girl named Ziana. During my absence, Zi has been destroyed by the Sardenalian Army. My goal you ask? My goal is to find and rescue Ziana, and show the Sardenalians that if you mess with Zi, you better kill all of us!

What’s this? A letter? People with common expertise? Impossible! There is no one out there that can match my expertise! For I am a psychic warrior, nothing comes close to my natural ability! So now I’m stuck with these random people that I don’t even know to handle a simple task, what a pain. I will show them that I’m not stuck with them, they are stuck with me! I help them do this, and they WILL help me do what I intend to do during this adventure!

Ziana… I hope I’m not too late..


The Fate Forge Zemuran