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Time Warp - Pennon and Shaes

An experiment in Narrative Freedom

This is a quick experiment. I have a wonderful idea to infuse character backgrounds into the ongoing story, but no background to work from. Assuming Pennon’s player and Shaes’ player have no problem with it, I’m going to exercise Narrative Freedom and create some canon. Just as I retain the right to veto NF coming from my players, they retain the right to veto NF coming from me. If this is veto’d, i’ll delete this post as not to confuse people. ~Tricen

In the wanderings of Pennon and Shaes, they once found themselves hired by a malnourished half-elf to clear out a cave full of terrible creatures. In return, the half-elf and the village he represented would let them have the artifact stored inside that the creatures were protecting. The village only wanted the cave for it’s possible mining applications. Pennon and Shaes took the job, but were dismayed when they discovered that the little half-elf that barely spoke common was to accompany them the whole way.

They fought bravely through the legions of beasts and finally came upon an elaborately decorated long sword on a pedestal. They took the blade, only to find that a wave of goblins began pouring out of the various entrances seeking to protect their relic. The group ran out of the cave and, once they realized that the goblins were not going to stop chasing them, gave the artifact to the half-elf and told him to “Go hide in that house!” intending the building nearby. Unfortunately, the half-elf’s poor handle on common had him translate the sentence as “Take your hide home.” A little baffled, he observed the two begin combat with the goblins and realized that they were stalling for him to run. It was then that he understood. THEY WERE GIVING THE RELIC TO HIS VILLAGE! He gazed upon the combatants with awe as he ran toward his home.

Pennon and Shaes managed to make a dent in the goblin population, but they proved too numerous. They fell back to the house that they expected to find the half-elf, only to find him gone! They escaped with the skin attached, but annoyed that they never asked which village that stupid half-elf was from.


I’ve been informed that both players are pleased with the fiction. Now that it’s canon, I’ll incorporate it into our upcoming game /evilgrin

Time Warp - Pennon and Shaes

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