The Fate Forge

passing time....

Things have changed so much since you guys left. i have weapons now. i can use them relatively well. i hunt. i kill. i do things that i never thought i was capable of doing.  i cry. i hate. things just arn't the same. what happend? i miss you. where did they take you? how far did you get? the man never did say where he found your cloaks. by the way, i stopped selling the wares. i'm not a merchant anymore. i'm much different now. i left ravenwood.  beatrice tried to get me to stay but i couldn't. i didn't know what else to do after i found out what happend. so i left. i taught myself to fight with a sword. in each hand. i read a manual on how to fire a longbow. i'm not great, but i think i'm getting better. day by day. saved a nice family the other day. i watched them from the treetops. i killed the goblins that were about to ambush them. they never knew what was about to happen to them. i guided them through the forest. kept watch while they rested. i'm a protector of the traveler's now. can you believe that? right now i'm at camp guiding a few other's. they're nice, albeit the bard is starting to grate my nerves a little. but they arn't like the other's who travel through these woods.  they're able to defend themselves. but they're still lost in this forest. that much was evident when i first encountered them. but i'm still going to help. they're doing something important. maybe they will be able to settle things going on in ferwyn. that's where they said they were going. did you know of a wizard named aeron? did you know about the half-orc who lived in that huge tree that we used to make camp at the day before getting home? he said i should find the wizard. that if i really wanted to help that i should bring the wizard to the travelers. and i'm going to. only thing is that i have no idea where to begin looking. we split up for a while but i wasn't able to find him before it was time to return to camp. the half-orc said he should be nearby though. so i'm gonna keep trying. i'm gonna make sure that i bring the wizard to these travelers. i'm gonna see them through this forest. i'm gonna guide them through the forest into ferwyn. then i'll go back to watching over other's who pass through here. that was my oath. i promise. i love you mom. i love you too dad and my dear brothers. i miss you more each passing day…..



+2 Action Points for Syphreal for the insights :)

passing time....

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